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In the hyper-competitive market of home services, a robust collection of customer reviews can be the competitive edge your business needs. Reviews act as social proof, helping prospective customers make informed decisions as well as helping your rankings on Google Maps. There are two potent strategies to generate more reviews that we recommend to every business we work with: incentivizing employees and automating follow-ups with customers.

Incentivizing employees is a powerful motivator that can lead to more positive customer reviews. Consider implementing a system where employees receive a gift card every time a customer mentions them in a review. This strategy has a dual effect: it motivates employees to provide top-notch service, and reminds the employee to ask for the review every single time. Be sure to set clear guidelines and ethical standards to maintain transparency and authenticity in the review process.

Automating follow-up communication with customers is the second strategy that can significantly boost your review count. After a job is completed, send an automated email or text message asking for their feedback on the service received. This follow-up should be timely, ideally within a few days of the service, when the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind. Automated follow-ups eliminate manual tracking and ensure that every customer is solicited for a review.

In sum, generating reviews requires a proactive approach. By incentivizing employees with gift cards for each mention in a review, you drive service excellence while encouraging customer feedback. Meanwhile, automated follow-ups help to capture reviews from all serviced customers, enhancing your online reputation. Implementing these strategies can propel your home service business to new heights in customer satisfaction and market presence.