Social Media Marketing

Consumers are spending more and more time on social networks every year, so reach them where they’re most.

Social Media Marketing is a mix of creating and posting original content, curating content, and running advertisements across the various social networks.

Why Social Media Marketing

Social media puts you where many consumers spend most of their time, and allows you to create highly targeted advertisements and communities around your brand.

For instance, a real estate agent can target people between certain income levels with a high likelihood of moving when promoting a new listing. A Wedding Photographer can show a special offer to couples who got engaged within the last 6 months, and then retarget them with followup advertising if they don’t convert.

The possibilites are truly endless. Interested in learning more about whether social media marketing is right for your business? Schedule a free consultation with one of our Marketing Experts to see which marketing methods are the best fit for you.

Social Media Reporting

We’re able to provide a lot of data surrounding the social media campaigns you run with us. From account engagement across various channels, to breakdowns on ad performance you’ll be able to see it all live from within your marketing dashboard.

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