Graphic Designers

Do you currently offer graphic design to your clients, and are looking for ways to offer a more complete solution while earning recurring monthly revenue?

With more and more businesses looking for ways to market themselves online, it makes sense to become a resource for them by offering a complete marketing solution alongside your current graphic design offerings. We’ll fulfill all of it for you, and give you the support you need to grow a new sector of your business.

Why Partner with Monarch Wave

When you partner with Monarch Wave, you’re not going to spend more time managing projects than if you just did it yourself as is the case with most who outsource. Instead, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to help coordinate every one of your projects, and serve as a resource for your clients.

Here’s a few reasons why advertisers choose Monarch Wave…

1. White-labeled account management and sales support allow us to answer the phone and emails as your business, answer any questions your clients may have, and take as much off your plate as possible.

2. White-labeled dashboards let your clients view the real time status of your marketing efforts, as if you were fulfilling it.

3. Upselling your graphic design with a complete digital marketing package that allows you togenerate more revenue, and position yourself as a complete resource for your clients.

4. Our sales training and whitelabeled sales materials will get you up to speed quickly on ways you can sell digital marketing to your clients.

Want to learn more about why graphic designers choose Monarch Wave to fulfill on their digital marketing? Schedule a consultation with a Partner Success Manager today.

The types of people who partner with us…

Advertising Services

Learn how to pair our services with the ones’ you’re already offering your clients.

Marketing Services

Are you an aency that’s looking to provide your clients with a more complete solution?

Web Designers

Are you a web designer looking to add some recurring revenue to your business and offer more?

Graphic Designers

Looking for ways to get repeat customers, and add digital marketing to your offerings?

Accountability + White Labeled Dashboards

We strive to provide as much transparency as possible with our marketing solutions. That’s why with every campaign, you’ll get access to our proprietary dashboard that allows you to track everything about what’s going on with your accounts. The whole dashboard is also whitelabeled, allowing you to let your clients view what’s going on as if it were your business fulfilling it. You can see what each service dashboard entails by viewing the service pages below.

Start offering these to your clients…

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll help you rank higher in Google and other search engines, and reach customers looking for you.

Web Design

We’ll help you design a site that looks good on any screen size, and shows off your business to potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

We can connect you with potential consumers on multiple levels, with highly targeted advertising that’s sure to convert.

Local Search Marketing

An optimized pay-per-click (PPC) strategy can drive highly targeted visitors to your site, who are searching for what you’re offering.

Design & Branding

A brand isn’t simply a logo, or business cards – it’s an experience. We’ll work with you create an identity that matches your brand.

Content Creation

Good copy on a site is crucial to converting visitors into paying customers. From blog posts to sales sheets, we’ll create copy that works with your brand and converts.

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