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We’re a search engine optimization agency in Akron, working with small and mid-sized businesses across the country. Whether you need some help growing locally in the search results, or want to grow with a national campaign – we can help.

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Akron Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’re a full-service SEO and marketing agency, located right in the heart of downtown Akron. We’ll work with you to grow your business through organic search, through efforts both off and online.

We start by running a full audit of your current site, looking for things we can improve upon. Normally, some speed optimization, the addition of an SSL and better meta-tagging gives us a few quick wins.

Then, we look at the existing content of the site and how it’s structured. We build revised pages more content and a stronger internal linking structure.

Then, we work on creating content for your site that provides traffic for years to come. We work using a cluster/pillar strategy, where we create clusters of long-tail content (posts targeting 4+ word keywords), centered around your harder to rank for short-tail keywords.

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