Our Brand Journey: From ImproStudios to Monarch Wave


You might be a bit confused why we’re ending ImproStudios. We decided it was time for a change with our name and brand – and have completely overhauled much about our company.

We’ve chosen to go by the name “Monarch Wave Marketing”. Marketing is a journey, and with the Monarch Wave being the name of a literary ship we found it quite fitting to accompany our mission.

We still plan on building websites, that part hasn’t changed. We have been working towards supplementing it with other marketing services though. Branding, and content/inbound marketing are now large focuses for us.

Below is a list of what’s new, a video with a bit of an introduction to what we believe in, and links to all our new social media. We encourage you to check out all of these.

What’s New

  1. We have a new site. You can check it out here: http://monarchwave.com/
  2. Support Tickets are now part of a system, which will help decrease the time until you get an answer. We’re aiming to resolve every issue within 48 hours. You can submit one here if you run into issues: http://monarchwave.com/support-ticket/
  3. Email addresses are a bit different too. Old email addresses will remain active for the next few months, but all future correspondence will be routed through @monarchwave.com emails. ([email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] are the main ones)
  4.  New social media! In the footer are links to all the new platforms we’re on. We encourage you to follow them all, and say hello!
  5. Live Chat is now available on the site. We’re working on getting the schedule as close to 24/7 as possible, but that may take a little while. If you try and chat and there’s no one available it will send us a message and we can follow up as soon as possible.

What To Look Forward To

  1. On January 5th, 2017 we’re launching Monarch Wave Academy. This is a set of free online courses aimed at helping small businesses manage their marketing in the digital age.
  2. We’re partnering with another marketing company that offers marketing and design services for photographers, and are excited for the new challenges that will bring. More information about the partnership will come soon.
  3. We’re currently in the market for new talent, and will be bringing on some more full time staff over the coming months. We look forward to what the much needed help can bring to the table!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can reach us at [email protected] or 330-597-2290.

Alex Riddle
Creative Director
Monarch Wave Marketing

PS: Watch the video below, we think you might like it.

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